[scribus-dev] Building on windows

Darius Blaszyk dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl
Mon Mar 30 08:33:53 UTC 2015

JLuc schreef op 30 mrt '15: 

> Le 30/⁠03/⁠2015 09:34, Darius Blaszyk a écrit : 
>> Although not high on my priority list, I would like to take on the challenge and try to compile scribus on windows with
>> mingw-⁠32. I have already all binary libraries used by scribus except from QT5.2. My plan was to build QT on my own
>> laptop and then copy all the required libraries and header files to a separate library folder known to cmake. However
>> after a couple of hours building, the build process of QT stops with a "no rule to make target". I must say that I have
>> very little belief that this route will succeed. My next step will be to install a QT binary and use that.
>> My question here is, who is already building scribus natively on windows? So far I have only seen suggestions to use
>> either a virtual box or develop on linux all together. Does this mean that scribus is cross-⁠compiled on linux?
> I'm surprised that you dont state *what target* is missing a rule to be maked.
> It could enable to fix the makefile.
> Very little users have tried to compile scribus on windows
> but probably many have achieved to compile Qt Libraries on Windows.
> If all you miss is Qt libraries, then you'll get help
> searching for specific help on making Qt libraries.
> I advise to use Qt5.4 since Qt5.2 is now old and buged.

 Sorry for not specifying the make error, but I was referring to a
previous attempt I did several weeks ago so I don't remember what the
exact error was. For now I am working on it every now and then in my
spare time, after May I will have more time to dedicate to get scribus
building properly on windows. As for the QT version I will switch to
QT5.4 and try out QT creator as proposed.

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