[scribus-dev] Building on windows

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Mar 30 08:17:23 UTC 2015

hi darius

> Although not high on my priority list, I would like to take on the 
> challenge and try to compile scribus on windows with mingw-32. I have 
> already all binary libraries used by scribus except from QT5.2. My 
> plan was to build QT on my own laptop and then copy all the required 
> libraries and header files to a separate library folder known to 
> cmake. However after a couple of hours building, the build process of 
> QT stops with a "no rule to make target". I must say that I have very 
> little belief that this route will succeed. My next step will be to 
> install a QT binary and use that.

i don't know what steps exactly you went through, but for the part 
"using qt" i would go for compiling from qt creator.

you should not have (big) problems using mingw there.

what i don't know, is how hard to get qt creator to use / compile the 
other libraries...

all in all, i welcome you tries to compile scribus with mingw. i tried 
that and failed... but i'm no windows user, so it was more of an 
exercise without much prior skills for me.

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