[scribus-dev] Adding missing members to PDFfile scripter object

Jean Ghali jghali at libertysurf.fr
Sat Jan 10 11:51:44 UTC 2015

Le 29/12/2014 14:02, Jean Ghali a écrit :
> Thanks for your patches. I have now ported and applied the first three patches to trunk,
> and the first to 1.4.x. The patch related to #8959 triggers a change of behavior and may
> change the result of existing scripts, so this patch is not quite suited for being
> included in a stable branch such as 1.4.x. The third patch however add some new options
> without modifying behavior, so I may well have a look at applying it to 1.4.x in the next
> few days.

I have now applied the third patch with a few modifications. I have noticeably made unit
handling for member such as markOffset consistent with unit handling for bleed values, ie
values set in script are considered being in current document unit. In trunk I have also
added the markLength member which is new in 1.5.x.

As for the last patch, we should probably be consistent either with current scripter
casing, which use mixed case for function names, either with python guidelines, which
recommends lowercase case with underscore separation between words... except where mixed
case is already used. So we have to decide which casing we adopt. In trunk I have kept the
mixed case for new PDFfile members for now. I will likely deprecate member which do not
conform to the choosen casing and add conformant members. I'd like also to replace member
such as "aprint" by something more readable such as "allow_printing" or "allowPrinting".


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