[scribus-dev] [documentliberation-discuss] TODO for librevenge release

Fridrich Strba fridrich at libreoffice.org
Thu May 15 15:21:14 UTC 2014


On 15/05/14 16:54, David Tardon wrote:
> That is not how we have done this so far--we have always added the
> callbacks to all interfaces that need them. I can imagine having a
> single function, e.g., createChartInterface(), that would return an

Generally, I am always for something that is easiest to understand even
for a very beginner C++ programmer. Every time we have a factory and
similar thing to use directly for the interface or something that we
have to deallocate, it is a potential problem. I would love the
programmer to have the easiest possible interface that is understood
even by an untrained monkey. And a class of purely virtual functions is
really wonderful for this.

> instance of a hypothetic RVNGChartInterface. It might even be
> preferable. But it seems weird to do that only for charts. We have lots
> of other duplication in the interfaces.

We can always have implementations having a common base and forwarding
the different callbacks to the common base. We do it already in
libodfgen anyway, but for the interfaces as such, I would just keep them

My 2 cts.


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