[scribus-dev] [scribus] PDF/X-1a export in Scribus 1.4.4svn - full colour cover ok

Richard Foley rich.inud at naktiv.net
Thu May 1 07:47:35 UTC 2014

I have a full colour book going to press at the moment, and it's so good to see
PDF/X-1a export backported at last to the 1.4.x branch. SO GOOD. The first time
I did this, I had so much trouble finding a program which would take the
original scribus file and export to PDF/X-1a without modifying the content
unexpectedly, and to produce an LSI compatible PDF.

This time round the cleanly exported PDF/X-1a full colour cover has been
accepted by the LightningSource pre-media team "out of the box".

I am still doing final editing to the full colour interior, but I should have
feedback for that item in the next week or so.


Richard Foley

Supporting Naked Activities


On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 11:59:53PM +0200, "Christoph Schäfer" wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sometimes it's good to break a promise. We've repeated over and over again
> that PDF/X-1a export would not be backported to the 1.4.x branch. Our users
> in North America (especially) will be glad to hear that we changed our mind,
> and as of tonight, Scribus 1.4.4svn can actually export PDF/X-1a files.
> Please test the new feature, so we can release 1.4.4 really soon.
> Christoph
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