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Andreas Vox avox at arcor.de
Tue Apr 15 20:29:35 UTC 2014

Am 15.04.2014 um 18:23 schrieb Saravanan Kuppusamy:

> Dear ciao,
> Many thanks for your detailed responses. We understand that the Scripter via Python. As I mentioned initially, we uses XML for typesetting in InDesign application. InDesign helps in in preserving XML as below. For example,
> [1] XML from our client will be like the below: 
> <author><firstname>Saravanan</firstname><lastname>Kuppusamy</lastname></author>
> [2] Through XSLT, we generate XML as below (This XML will be imported into InDesign template):
> <author><firstname>Saravanan</firstname><x>, </x><lastname>Kuppusamy</lastname></author>
> [3] Inside of InDesign, our operator will make some corrections like changing the content as below (We should update the content inside of InDesign, and no-excuse in our business):
> <author><firstname>Saran</firstname><x>, </x><lastname>Kuppusamy</lastname></author>
> [4] After PDF is done from InDesign, we export the XML from InDesign for other online products like EPUB, HTML, etc.,
> <author><firstname>Saran</firstname><lastname>Kuppusamy</lastname></author>
> The biggest advantage of InDesign here is, InDesign preserves XML as is. The [1] and [2] process is managed outside of InDesign, but not [3] and [4]. Does Scribus supports [3] an [4] process? This question is really the deciding factor for me.

Not yet, but I have plans to make XML+CSS the native text format for Scribus. But currently Scribus forgets any XML structure when placing text.

And if you want to use Indic scripts, that's another thing that isn't there yet (dunno where you are located, your name sounds Indian)


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