[scribus-dev] Scripter2: Your feedback is required

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Apr 10 12:29:14 UTC 2014

On 04/10/2014 05:57 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:

> of course, joao's help is very welcome! most of all, his expertise in
> the field!
> but i'd really love, if the team tried to get jain to finish his work...
> you know, as an external guy, i have not many ways to tell a team
> member -- even a dormant one -- what he has to do...
> also, henning, the original author of the new scripter was willing to
> further contribute to the scriper and had some ideas for improvements.
> another door, where the team could gently knock...

jain was already contacted and is having family issues. This seems to be
a recurrent problem, so it seems unrealistic to think that he will
suddenly become available to contribute. Off and on contribution is not
helpful to the project.

Surely henning knows Scribus is still here and presumably he's taken a
look at Scripter2 from time to time.

Scripter2 needs someone to take charge of it and either have the time to
fix/improve it or be able to organize a few people to tackle it, perhaps
including jain and henning if and when they are available. That said,
waiting for joao's input might bring us an even better Scripter2+ with
further enhancements.

Let's face it, Scripter2 seems to be an orphan no one wants to adopt.


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