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Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 19:46:44 UTC 2014

2014-04-08 15:35 GMT-04:00 Craig Bradney <cbradney at scribus.info>:

> On 8/04/2014 7:23 pm, ale rimoldi wrote:
> > hi christoph,
> >
> >> One of the major tasks we need to complete before the release of the
> >> next stable Scribus version (1.6) is finishing the new Scripter.
> >>
> >> During LGM, Andreas has fixed a build error that prevented testing of
> >> Scripter2. During the LGM Team meetings we also decided that we will
> >> create a wiki page, which allows us to collect wishes of script
> >> authors and make sure they are included in 1.6.

It's worth mentionning that at LGM the whole Scribus team have had a
meeting with Joao from GIMP who is the author of the scripter engine for
Python in GIMP and he offered his help to review the actual scripter to see
what was its current state and propose his views on what would be needed to
complete the work.

We discussed about the opportunity of updating all the scripts currently
running on old versions of Python, to Python 3 and this could be partly
automated through scripts as well, if I got it clear.

Joao explained how this could be done in "layers" where the most used
functions can be called up in a first level of commands while the less used
functions are stored in a less visible layer, always available but not in
the way, in a second level of commands, if I got it clear.

Joao had a first look at the code and mentionned he would need a couple
weeks before getting back to us with his overview of the scripter.


> >>
> >> The wiki page is here:
> >> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Scripter2_Features_%28Wish_List%29
> >>
> >> Please note that is highly likely that Scripter2 will use Python 3
> >> exclusively, since Python has reached its EOL in 2010.
> >
> > do you have news from jain?
> >
> > he is a member of the team and he is supposed to finish the scripter...
> >
> > ciao
> > a.l.e
> >
> Not for months and months - we therefore have to consider him inactive.
> Whatever you can provide if
> you had some conversations with him separately may allow us to continue
> the work.
> Craig
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