[scribus-dev] How to start?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sat Sep 28 10:49:24 UTC 2013

Hello Hans,

I'm not developping scribus but i sometime compile it
and take part to debuging.

Cedrics answer is very valuable.

First thing would be to study the wiki

install IRC tool and join on irc.freenode.net server to #scribus channel
so as to share whatever concern you have
and sometime get usefull answer (depending on who is connected)

install appropriate svn tool to recover uptodate developpement versions.
which OS are you working on ?

install all necessary libs and tools to compile the source and run the dev versions.

Then you could subscribe to the various rss feeds that will
keep you informed of the commits
and study each commit, try to understand each.
Study the code source itself aswell.
What is your experience with C++ and QT dev ?

Then you can study bugs on the bug tracker
http://bugs.scribus.net and try to solve some
You will learn a lot.

Then you can choose what is your priority in debuging or coding scribus
and go go go!


  to compile Le 27/09/2013 21:34, cedric.gemy at gmail.com a écrit :
> Hello Hans
> i'm not a developer and just did actually 2 or 3 patch. I would say we
> mainly use Qtcreator.
> I don't know if debugging or small functionnalities interest you, but i
> guess having a look at the bug tracker might be a good place to begin with.
> I think the text engine is may be not the easiest, but there are so much
> thing to do on text that, like you i'd like to know how to work on some
> part of it, particularly styles/properties as well as export.
> May be cezaryece who has done so much last month on this could give some
> clues or you could have a look at his scribus-ece repository and do some
> diffs to understand how it is done.
> Are you on IRC sometimes ?
> Hope it helps
> pygmee
> Le 27/09/2013 13:04, Hans Schmidt a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I’d like to start with the Scribus source code (mainly for learning, but
>> - if possible - also for contributing something small). But to be
>> honest, I am completely lost how to do this.
>> Getting the source code with subversion is no problem (and compiling is
>> also still relatively straightforward), but how do I actually develop
>> something? Which IDE should I use? Where is everything in the source
>> code (I am especially interested in the text engine).
>> Would be nice if someone could get me some small hints how to start :)
>> Thanks!
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