[scribus-dev] Scripting expert needed to speed up colour palette conversion

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since .sla is XML it shold really not be hard to do this conversion.

Once you has script you can convert .sla files calling them:

	# sla-colour-fix file1.sla file2.sla file3.sla ...

What kind of conversions you need to get proper NAME and CMYK values?

Best regards,

Dne 31/03/13 08:50 AM, "Christoph Schäfer" napsal(a):
> Hi all,
> I have brought on board another commercial colour vendor, this time one from North America. At the moment, we are feverishly working on all sorts of issues, including documentation, colour correctness, logo exchange, licensing etc.
> You could help to speed up the process by writing a shell or Python script.
> I receive all palettes as EPS files, which are easy to convert to Scribus's own XML palette format. However, since the colours aren't stored as spot colours, they end up being imported as something like "FromPDF#00000040", which is completely useless when referring to a printed colour swatch that is based on CMYK ink mixtures.
> In a Scribus XML palette file, the converted colour entry looks like this:
> <COLOR NAME="FromPDF#00404040" CMYK="#00404040"/>
> What is needed is a script that strips the string FromPDF and converts the hex value in a specific way (adding ink channel abbreviations and slashes), so that the end result looks like this:
> <COLOR NAME="C25/M25/Y25/K25" CMYK="#40404040"/>
> Anyone willing to step in?
> Thanks in advance and Happy Easter,
> Christoph
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