[scribus-dev] unit test

Brunet Pierrick pierrick.brunet at telecom-bretagne.eu
Tue Jun 25 19:47:32 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, I plan to work on including unittest in 
Scribus. Something done by Avox already exist but it doesn't work 
anymore. The real question is : is it a good idea to work on it?

-with unit-test, coredev will not need to test patch and review will be 
easier (so patch will be merged faster)
-No regression. Sometime it looks like we solve a bug, then another, 
then we solve the first bug again...
-More efficient to detect bug than assert in code

-More code to maintain (even if as there are no regression and no 
functionnality are deleted, we should not change these codes)
-Test have to be add when we add functionnality
-Test have to be use before commiting in the holly master branch

I am waiting for you comment before doing any work. If most of you think 
it is useless, we may delete tests folder in scribus, otherwise, I am 
ready to work on it.

Good evening,

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