[scribus-dev] Scripter __ Python business model/SqlAlchemy

Chad Petzoldt cpetz.cp at gmail.com
Thu Aug 1 18:50:35 UTC 2013

I have an existing business application that I would like to use, as a 
data feed for Scripter on some existing Scribus templates.
I am having trouble with a packages, SqlAlchemy being the major one.

The original business app was written as a command line program at its 
root. Its basic form of I/O is piped through StdOut, but it can also do 
batch XML output to files,and there is also an extension that provides 
decent SOAP/HTTP support.

What is my best approach for iterating over a "site-map" (using one of 
the previous I/O channels), from the Scribus Scripter, torepeatedly 
populate a defined template? (I was kind of hoping I would be able to 
run the business application as-is in its own process).


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