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JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Fri Sep 28 14:40:07 UTC 2012

Le 28/09/2012 07:52, Craig Bradney a écrit :
>  From my recollection of almost if not all patches they were buggy and incomplete.
 > If any have now been fully tested and fixed then please highlight the bugs and final patch files.

looks like a good candidate.


> On 28/09/2012, at 7:46, ale rimoldi <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch> wrote:
>> dear scribus team,
>> during this spring and the beginning of the summer 2012, the scribus
>> development has progressed at a vare nice pace.
>> it was wonderful to see how several people were working on the code and
>> the patches were flowing in the trunk. several people started creating
>> new branches in the git repository. new feature, mostly long awaited
>> ones, have been implemented in that way!
>> then the hot summer has come and the momentum has stopped. the patches
>> are again sitting still in the issue tracker for several weeks and the
>> contributors are again wondering, if it is worth the hassle to create
>> patches that are "simply" ignored (well, from their point of view...).
>> i'm fully aware that it's hard work to check the patches! that's why,
>> i'd like to suggest a change in they are handled...
>> after this year's LGM, a few people have been "officially" integrated
>> into the scribus team, it may be time to extend the number of people
>> who can commit code to the trunk.
>> i'd like to suggest that cédric and me (and eventually others, too)
>> also can accept patches for the trunk. this under the the following
>> rules:
>> - the patch must be uploaded by its author to the scribus bug tracker
>> in the main project.
>> - the subject of the ticket will start with [PATCH].
>> - each patch must stay in the bug tracker at least 10 days for review.
>> - if any skilled developer sees an issue in the code, the contributor
>> has to upload a new patch and the review time starts again from zero.
>> - from the comments in the ticket it should be clear that the patch has
>> been tested and is correctly working for several people.
>> - normally, the patches are not accepted by its own author.
>> what do you think? does it look like a good idea to you?
>> have a nice day
>> a.l.e
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