[scribus-dev] patches are ready...

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Sep 28 05:46:15 UTC 2012

dear scribus team,

during this spring and the beginning of the summer 2012, the scribus
development has progressed at a vare nice pace.

it was wonderful to see how several people were working on the code and
the patches were flowing in the trunk. several people started creating
new branches in the git repository. new feature, mostly long awaited
ones, have been implemented in that way!

then the hot summer has come and the momentum has stopped. the patches
are again sitting still in the issue tracker for several weeks and the
contributors are again wondering, if it is worth the hassle to create
patches that are "simply" ignored (well, from their point of view...).

i'm fully aware that it's hard work to check the patches! that's why,
i'd like to suggest a change in they are handled...

after this year's LGM, a few people have been "officially" integrated
into the scribus team, it may be time to extend the number of people
who can commit code to the trunk.

i'd like to suggest that cédric and me (and eventually others, too)
also can accept patches for the trunk. this under the the following
- the patch must be uploaded by its author to the scribus bug tracker
in the main project.
- the subject of the ticket will start with [PATCH].
- each patch must stay in the bug tracker at least 10 days for review.
- if any skilled developer sees an issue in the code, the contributor
has to upload a new patch and the review time starts again from zero.
- from the comments in the ticket it should be clear that the patch has
been tested and is correctly working for several people.
- normally, the patches are not accepted by its own author.

what do you think? does it look like a good idea to you?

have a nice day

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