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2012/9/5 Sivahari Nandakumar <sivaharivkm at gmail.com>

> Hai List,
> I have to write a python script to create a document with specific
> height,width,bleed,fontsize etc. I think i can use scribus.newDoc function
> for it. But i didnt find any documents about its its syntax in scribus
> documentation. From where i get the manual for python scribus scripting?

Here is some http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Category:Scripts

The reference manual can be viewed by selecting Help->Scripter Manual from
the Scribus menu.

or via Websvn


-> scripter html files

you may want to look at



newDocument(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber,
                        unit, pagesType, firstPageOrder, numPages) ->
 bool</code <http://december.com/html/4/element/code.html>>
<p <http://december.com/html/4/element/p.html>>Creates a new document and
returns true if successful. The parameters have the
following meaning:
<ul <http://december.com/html/4/element/ul.html>>
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>size = A tuple (width,
height) describing the size of the document. You can
use predefined constants named PAPER_<paper_type> e.g. PAPER_A4 etc.</
li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>margins = A tuple (left,
right, top, bottom) describing the document
margins</li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>orientation = the page
orientation - constants PORTRAIT,
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>firstPageNumer = is the
number of the first page in the document used for
pagenumbering. While you'll usually want 1, it's useful to have higher
numbers if you're creating a document in several
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>unit: this value sets the
measurement units used by the document. Use a
predefined constant for this, one of: UNIT_INCHES, UNIT_MILLIMETERS,
UNIT_PICAS, UNIT_POINTS.</li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>pagesType = One of the
predefined constants PAGE_n. PAGE_1 is single page,
PAGE_2 is for double sided documents, PAGE_3 is for 3 pages fold and
PAGE_4 is 4-fold.</li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>firstPageOrder = What is
position of first page in the document.
Indexed from 0 (0 = first).</li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>
<li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>numPage = Number of pages
to be created.</li <http://december.com/html/4/element/li.html>>
</ul <http://december.com/html/4/element/ul.html>>
<p <http://december.com/html/4/element/p.html>>The values for width, height
and the margins are expressed in the given unit
for the document. PAPER_* constants are expressed in points. If your
is not in points, make sure to account for
<p <http://december.com/html/4/element/p.html>>example:
newDocument(PAPER_A4, (10, 10, 20, 20), LANDSCAPE, 7, UNIT_POINTS,
PAGE_4, 3, 1)</p <http://december.com/html/4/element/p.html>>
<p <http://december.com/html/4/element/p.html>>May raise ScribusError if is
firstPageOrder bigger than allowed by pagesType.

> Thank you
> Sivahari
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