[scribus-dev] unified save / export ...

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Nov 20 13:15:05 UTC 2012

hi jluc,
dear scribus team,

> Around that unified save / export issue, please find thereafter
> some thoughts by gimps users or devs :
> http://www.davidrevoy.com/article146/save-export-in-gimp-2-8

this whole discussion on the gimp saving / exporting feature is what 
inspires me to urge the scribus team to avoid getting scribus to open 
anything else than .sla files.
if you can't save it properly, don't open it.
if it's very likely the user does not want to overwrite the original 
file after having opened it, don't let him open it!

all other file formats should be handled through imports and exports.

N O  F E A T U R E  H A S  T O  B E  R E M O V E D !!!!!!!!

B U T  the "pdf reading" really should be moved from "file > open" to 
"file > import > vector files".

scribus should exclusively be able to import PDFs into the current 
document (multipages, automatically creating new pages in the correct 
size or by using existing pages; into a frame) and it should not open 
them through "file >open".

since scribus is not a PDF editor (and does not want to be one), there 
is no reason why somebody would need to *open* (instead of import) a PDF 

again: it's not about removing features! only about getting the user to 
access them in the best way!

iirc, there are already bug reports that suggests to make scribus even 
more complex in order to "better" handle the opened files... is it the 
way to go?
don't we want to make it simpler and better at the same time?


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