[scribus-dev] [Scribus 0010673]: Select on multiple layer

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sun May 27 19:12:58 UTC 2012

On 05/27/2012 12:54 PM, ale rimoldi wrote:
> hi
> in vienna we have discussed the way the selection on multiple layers
> works and we found it too complicated too use.
> our proposal is to just add a preference to say if the user wants to be
> able to select items across the layers and then, allow the selections:
> - on the current layer
> - on all non locked layers
> enabling the selection for each layer seems to be too complicated
> to use and we think that a general switch should be enough.
> what do you think about it?
> it's ok if i do a new patch?
I find that if I use the Outline dialog, it's quite easy to select items 
on multiple layers. You can't Group them, but interestingly, you can 
copy a multiple selection (Paste is to a single layer), and you can 
select right in the Outline dialog. So it seems that selecting items 
across layers (and even different layers on different pages) is already 

One thing the Outline dialog doesn't tell you is which layer items are 
on. Perhaps adding a feature to the Outline dialog would help, and maybe 
address the original complaint.


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