[scribus-dev] Soft shadows -- Partial implementation

Benjamin Dumke-von der Ehe scribus at benjamin-dumke.de
Thu Mar 15 15:54:42 UTC 2012

I'm not sure you can really create the blur effect using gradients --
that'd have to be tons of gradients going into tons of different
directions. And even if that was practically possible, it fails as
soon as you have an actual (semi-transparent) *image* that you want to
apply the shadow to.

On the other hand the way I implemented it, you can apply blurred
shadows to complex shapes, images, texts etc, and even groups of them.

Am 15.03.2012 16:27, schrieb Leonard Rosenthol:
> For an Image, that's true - the SMask key points to a 1bit
> DeviceGray image.
> HOWEVER, in the ExtGState, the SMask key points to a Soft Mask
> Dictionary (ISO 32000-1:2008, which then points to a
> Transparency Group XObject for defining the mask's shape and/or
> opacity values (based on the AIS key value).
> That's how you can do some really cool things like using a smooth
> shading pattern as your SMask for a nice "fade out"...
> Leonard

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