[scribus-dev] for i

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Sep 21 19:00:04 UTC 2011

hi craig,

> and.. c for count, p for pointer, a for apples, i for image, p for
> picture, si for selected items.. or whatever.
> Using something other than i,j,k is not better or worse. This is
> really pedantic, and there can be very good reasons for using
> something other than i (like when counting apples and a might make
> more sense? :)). Don't forget, some of the code still has its German
> heritage in place too.
> I don't see any massive value in an effort to rename them in one go,
> but feel free to using i,j,k in your own code. If you or others want
> to work to rename things, then cool. Having a generalised convention
> can be of use which I would support, but enforcing it is not entirely
> a good use of time or effort.

eh eh eh...

first: it's not about renaming all the existing counters... but how to choose the future ones...

and about apples: the problem is that you see "a"... and at that point you just know that the thing being counted starts by "a" but you don't know what it is. you have to go and look for the loop definition to know that "for (a = 0; a = apples.count(); ++a)"

however: not a big issue, just a thing that brings me a bit more of work :-)


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