[scribus-dev] Tables GSoC - Weekly Report #3

Elvis Stansvik elvstone at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 17:47:36 UTC 2011

I almost forgot. I have two little screencasts to go with the report
this week. They are at





2011/6/19 Elvis Stansvik <elvstone at gmail.com>:
> Hi Craig, all
> Below is my third weekly report. As usual, it's also available at [1].
> Regards,
> Elvis
> [1] http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/GSoC_2011_Tables_Weekly_Reports
> = Tables GSoC - Weekly Report #3 =
> == Work Report ==
> * Added a QList<QList<TableCell>> structure of cells to
> PageItem_Table. And made sure that cells removed from this structure
> are invalidated properly.
> * Added the cellAt(int, int) API for retrieving cells from the table.
> Retrieved cells can be queried for their validity with isValid().
> * Added QDebug operator<<(...) to TableCell for convenient printing of cells.
> * Added correct updating of the row/column span of cells when
> rows/columns are removed/inserted, or when several areas of merged
> cells are united.
> * Added a thorough internal assertValid() method to PageItem_Table
> which checks the consistency of the table. Also added an accompanying
> ASSERT_VALID macro, which compiles to nothing unless WANT_DEBUG is
> set.
> * Added scripting methods getCellRowSpan(...) and getCellColumnSpan(...).
> * Added unit test for mergeTableCells(...) to test script.
> * Added scripting API for setting/getting cell border colors and widths.
> * Moved cell related command out of cmdtable.h/.cpp and into their own
> cmdcell.h/.cpp.
> * Added API for border widths/colors to PageItem_Table.
> * Simplified the cellRect(int, int) and isCovered(int, int) methods in
> PageItem_Table by using the new cellAt(int, int) API.
> * Moved styles/overview.txt into the wiki and expanded it with a
> little section on style property lookup.
> * Added getNamedResources(...) and replaceNamedResources to CellStyle
> and TableStyle.
> * Added two new document-wide style contexts to ScribusDoc,
> docTableStyles and docCellStyles, along with API that uses them:
> ** const TableStyle& tableStyle(QString name)
> ** const StyleSet<TableStyle>& tableStyles()
> ** bool isDefaultStyle(const TableStyle& style) const
> ** void redefineTableStyles(const StyleSet<TableStyle>& newStyles,
> bool removeUnused = false)
> ** void replaceTableStyles(const QMap<QString, QString>& newNameForOld)
> * Created default styles for tables/cells in ScribusDoc::init().
> * Added API for handling table/cell style names to ResourceCollection.
> * Added apply() and updateStylesCache() to SMTableStyle and
> SMCellStyle, finally allowing the SM to redefine these new styles on
> the document.
> * Added getCellStyle()/setCellStyle(...) to scripting API.
> * Added properties for border width/color to TableStyle and CellStyle.
> * Changed PageItem_Table and TableCell to use an internal style for
> storing local properties. The style has the new style context added to
> ScribusDoc as context, and setting a named style on a cell or table
> will set the parent style of the internal style.
> * Added API and scripting API for background color to tables and cells.
> * Added missing update(...) functions to TableStyle and CellStyle.
> * Added getTableStyle()/setTableStyle(...) to scripting API.
> * Added some initial painting of cell / table backgrounds. Color is
> taken from style and direct formatting also works.
> * Various documentation fixes, bug fixes and cleanups.
> == Project Status ==
> On the schedule for this past week was
> * More advanced layout.
> * Variable column widths.
> But as those were already done, I decided last week that this week I'd
> instead start working on proper painting of cell borders. However,
> despite getting a lot of things done, it seems my schedule has finally
> caught up with me. You could say that I'm now on schedule instead of
> ahead of it.
> The main reason why I'm no longer staying ahead is that it's been more
> work than anticipated in bringing the styles up to snuff. A lot of
> legwork to get them integrated into the the document and updates
> SM<-->ScribusDoc working.
> Things are pretty much ready now though. New properties can now easily
> be added and the tables and cells will pick them up. Work on
> cell/table border painting can now begin.
> == Problems / Questions ==
> No specific questions this time either. I had some during the week,
> but those were resolved over e-mail/IRC. (Thanks to Craig/avox!).
> == Next Week ==
> In the timeline for next week it reads
> * Cell formatting properties such as border and padding.
> * Cell content layout; use Scribus' text frames to populate cells.
> And for the first time since my first week, I'll actually be doing
> what the schedule says :) I'll work on the painting of tables/cells.
> Solid backgrounds are actually already painted, as of a commit some
> hour ago. Hopefully I'll also be able to also start working on
> bringing Scribus' text frames into the game. I'm sure that will be a
> lot of work, which is why it's in my schedule for the week after next
> as well.

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