[scribus-dev] Tables GSoC - Weekly Report #2

Elvis Stansvik elvstone at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 17:45:04 UTC 2011

2011/6/12 Elvis Stansvik <elvstone at gmail.com>:
> ...
> I do however have one non-code-related concern which turned up while
> writing this report; I noticed that after malex did the updating of my
> gsoc11tables Git repo from your internal SVN, some of my old commits
> started showing up twice in `git log'. As an example, my very first
> commit "Add a (very) rough first prototype of a table style." is now
> visible as both:
> 0b17201cf816a883b80daae139f24c6a7c093939 and
> 0a8327820da7a88952744ac4a97314f075018869
> in the Git history or gsoc11tables. The second one is the one that
> turned up after the merging and it has malex as commiter and me as
> author (Git makes a difference between the two). I'm no Git expert,
> but think this may be due to the pushing of SVN changes into the Git
> repo is done using git-svn. Ideally we would have no such duplicates,
> but I'm not sure how to achieve it. So; malex, do you think you could
> look into this? If it's not possible then it's not possible, but it's
> kind of annoying when trying to work out the history of things when
> old commits show up as if they were new. Maybe ask someone really
> git-wizard person about it.

malex just informed me on IRC that he's aware of the issue and will
fix it *thumbs up*.


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