[scribus-dev] GSoC 2011 : Project status.

Jain Basil Aliyas jainbasil at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 18:22:54 UTC 2011


As the subject of this email says, I'd like to update the community
regarding the progress of my GSoC project "Enhancing Scripter2 in Scribus".
I've been committing changes to the repository, and I hope some among you
are following my work!.

Right now, I've implemented almost all the api functions in old scripter to
Scripter2. The last one among those were functions for selection,
manipulation of objects etc.,(coded in cmdmani.* in plugins/scriptplugin/).
As discussed with my mentor Alessandro,  I am planning to complete the
implementation of all existing api's in old scripter before midterm

Remaining APIs:

   - Text API (cmdtext.*)
   - Get, Set Properties
   - Some functions related to document, page etc, implemented in cmdpage.*
   and cmddoc.*
   - Printer & PDF

I am preparing a document which clearly defines the new api, which will be
added to Scribus wiki.


*jain basil aliyas.*
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