[scribus-dev] Page zoom slider

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Jan 21 04:14:00 CET 2011

I was using oowriter (OpenOffice 3) today, and noted their handy way of 
zooming in and out of a page. I'm not sure when it was added, but in the 
lower right hand corner, there is a slider for the page zoom, which is 
so much easier and makes a lot more sense to me than the numerical zoom 
in Scribus. There are still + and - buttons to click.

Generally, I find that I'm usually not caring so much about the 
percentage number of the zoom, since this is relative to the display 
settings anyway, I'm just looking for a size I can work with.

I see that they have some vertical marks for 100% and 66% as guides, but 
otherwise, this is just a free-floating slider.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?


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