[scribus-dev] Inline objects as framework for dynamic text?

Andreas Vox andreas.vox at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 29 13:59:05 UTC 2011

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> text?

> From dev side as I wrote before - I thought about use and extend inline
> objects class (by add to it kind of insertion and new rendering ways),
> but
> also new class for that puprposes can be created.
> But I am not thinking about inserting text dynamically created by
> markers and
> references into inline frames! It should be like normal text with
> respect for
> styles, but not editable by typing (even cursor should jump over such
> dynamic
> text like it was in a frame).

Current text code only supports simple markers like "pagenr". 
SpecialChars::OBJECT is tightly linked to Inline frames, so Scribus expects
an InlineFrame at those positions which reports a given width and height
*before* Scribus starts layouting the text. You will not be able to use
Scribus' layout code from within the InlineFrame.

You could introduce a new SpecialChar and expand it in the "expandTokens"
subroutine. Then you need to find a place where to store the attached text;
with 1.4 code the best place would probably a QString field in ScText (or
some other pointer-type –- don't use anything big there).

Please note that the text structure is going to radically change in 1.5. It
will support many XML-like features which would make implementation of
dynamic text features much easier.


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