[scribus-dev] sla reading and pdf exporting as libraries

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Apr 8 13:37:22 CEST 2011

hi devs,

quite often, we get requests from people wanting to get scribus to work 
from the command line.

the answer is always: it's a hard thing to do, we keep an eye on it, but 
it's not doable, yet.

personally, i'm wondering if it would be possible to start a project 
implementing two aspects of it:

- creating a library for reading the SLA files  into a memory structure

- creating a library for exporting to PDF from a memory structure

those two libraries would be "indipendent" and used by both Scribus and 
a new Scribus-CLI.

do you think that such a project would be manageable?

how much time do you estimate it would take for somebody to implement 
it? days? weeks? months?

personally, i think that going through this first step would give a code 
base on which people wanting specific features could start submitting 
i feel that the current effort to create small programs which manipulate 
SLA files or produce PDF from SLAs are a bit a waste of resources and 
would like to check if there is another way to go...


* "indipendent" is meant as not dependent from the rest of the scribus 
code (except the plugins for reading different versions of SLAs); the 
Qt-dependency is not a problem, at least not for a first try.

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