[scribus-dev] svg plug-in: how to extend with text-as-text importing?

Matthew Brincke mabri11 at ymail.com
Mon Apr 4 23:13:29 CEST 2011

> hi mabri,


Hi a.l.e, good evening list members,

>> currently, the Scribus svg plug-in imports text as polylines.
>> Therefore, I'd like to extend it to import text as text because I
>> need that functionality. Firstly, is there someone already working on
>> it (I don't want to duplicate work)?

Finally, I've managed to get my patch working (except exact positioning,
positioning on path and extra features) and published on the bug tracker
bug #0009841 with test file and some more info about it.
I propose it for review as a first working draft.

>> Thirdly, is it feasible to do this work based on (and eventually for
>> submission to) Scribus 1.4(.x) (instead of Scribus 1.5), please? If
>> yes, the preceding questions are referencing the 1.4 branch, if not,
>> the 1.5 branch. Thank you very much in advance.
> any improvements which need bigger changes should go into 1.5svn.

I hope that my patch is small and unobtrusive enough to make it to 1.4.1.
That I have given the severity of the bug as "feature" is not meant to say
it's not suitable for a minor release (after its issues are dealt with).

> personally, if you want to work on this issue, i would suggest you to:
> -  add a choice to import the text as vector or as text

Please, I'd like very much to learn about how to add to GUI to the plugin in 
I could offer this.

> - start with a simple text frame from inkscape and add more and more features
> - propose incremental patches by adding them to the bug tracker to simplify 
>their review.

See above (it's very simple, only preserving font family, size and color for now 
;-) ).

> ciao
> a.l.e


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