[scribus-dev] merging a collaborative book

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Nov 12 16:06:34 CET 2010


in the next few days i will be merging dozens of .sla files to prepare 
for print the collaborative book we've created last weekend.

i've started yesterday evening with the task and there are several bugs 
which affect my work.

my question to the prorammers: should i invest my time in reproducing 
and describing the bugs or in finding workarounds to get the work done?

personally, i'd prefer use my time to make scribus better, but this 
implies than one or more persons are active on the other side and fix 
bugs or implement small features for 1.3.9svn (and possibly for 1.5, too).

a sample of the issues i got aware yesterday evening and this morning:

- the moving-guides-bug is still not fully fixed.
- keep links between text frames when importing pages
- separate two linked text frames by keeping the text in the two frames
- shortcuts for styles

does anyone of you want to work on it in his spare time?


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