[scribus-dev] Who is going to kill the style dialog ?

dbolack at electricmulch.com dbolack at electricmulch.com
Wed Nov 10 15:34:05 CET 2010

>>> - right click on the paragraph and get a list of the differences against
>>> the current style. you can accept or reject each of them and patch the
>>> paragraph style

>>Hum... it’s not what I envision here! I would not want to see of a list of
>>differences and accept or reject each of them. I think the process can be
>>more straightforward than that. This reminds me of the hyphenation dialog
>>when a certain check box used to be checked by default and you would be
>>prompted for each and every hyphen... A nightmare we could fortunately
>>from and turn off!

This seems like a handy thing to have, but not a must have. I can think of
a few times when I've had difficulty sorting out why exactly a part of a
paragraph looked off after a page reflow this could have helped with. Maybe
something more like Wordperfect's codeview would be better here. The
analysis part of this idea is important.

>>You already *are* in the "style dialog" because you are on the page and
>>have all you need in front of you. If you want to fine tune a style that
>>already exists or edit it in any way, you simply modify the paragraph
>>settings and right click. You’ll be prompted for either create a new style
>>or apply the changes to the existing style if there was one applied to

I'm going to have to disagree here. Some users need to see the values, not
the results of the values. It might not be important to the paragraph you
are examining but may have impact elsewhere.

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