[scribus-dev] About the Space & Align window

Louis Desjardins louis.desjardins at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 15:33:22 CEST 2009

Hi guys,

I am more than happy to see that the bug 480 has been addressed and solved.
AFAIK no other program has that feature. So it’s a big plus. I have not seen
it at work and I wonder if it works with elements on 2 different pages?

One thing I would like to further discuss about that dialog :

To me, the idea of having 3 tabs into the dialog is wrong. The options are
not that many that they cannot hold into one single window and I don’t
believe this is going to be confusing. Quite the opposite, in fact. The way
it is at the moment is like cutting into pieces that don’t need to be cut
like that an operation that cannot be simpler, in my view.

We don’t have 20 tabs for the PDF dialog which is way bigger than this
little window. The principle of making a clear separation of the various
tasks might be appealing but here we clearly go too far here. This kind of
tab use is like having a drawer for your white socks and a drawer for your
brown socks and another drawer for your black socks  or green socks... and
so on !

I know I have come across this discussion a couple of times and I know so
far the answer has always been 'it's going to stay as it is" but I do think
this is wrong. Wrong approach to solve something that is not in question, an
additional click and maybe a few more, in fact, to go back and forth into
that dialog when we need to space and align or switch items. We do not need
more clicks in Scribus, we need less. Each click is a second lost and the
number of seconds available in a working day is a finite number.

So, I ask again that we stop adding such drawers to sort our socks and we
put them together into one single drawer. There are means that work in order
to make a dialog look better. Here we need something that works better.

The thinking behind might be pretty logical but we kind of forget completely
how power users work. We need less clicks.

I hope this will be convincing enough.

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