[scribus-dev] Congratulation for scribus.

a125 dim.kaipis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 23:56:59 CEST 2009

Hello and good day. Many thank's for the great scribus. I think and i 
hope that in a few years all people in the world will use only this dtp.
I am looking for knowlege on scribus, so if someone have links for 
reading please send me.
A privet project construct a text file, with words are in no language 
and characters with code points(in several places) from 100 to 65000 in 
ttf font. Suppose the name is X-language of all those code points, and 
there is not exist.
The text file inserts to dtp program and the composer places the words 
as we see in screen. Indesign have two composers, the line composer and 
paragraph composer, that breaks the words as you can see below because 
composer thinks that many of characters are not in text language(and 
that is true), and can break all those characters.

勃兲僝兌 主凾乜νω ὁ Ἀββ乐ς 劑俇(break the word here)


Using scribus 1.3.5rc3 i have not problem, because composing maybe dont 
look if characters bellong in a range of a languge.
I am trying to understood how composer scribus works, how words breaks, 
and how i can insert to scribus a new language, grammar, dictionary and
hyphenation files for the X-language.
All that files will constructing from project every time when a new text 
file creating. This is private research from many years now.
Can you send link's to read and understood all that thinks in depth?
If I understood all that I want to implement to scribus a polytonic 
Greek dictionary and grammar.
jim kaip

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