[scribus-dev] New palette paradigm (TM)

Petr Vanek petr at scribus.info
Fri Oct 3 13:21:35 CEST 2008

hi all,

I just committed (135svn) the fixes and cleanup of "Insert Glyph". Revision

Let's discuss it now:

it splits the palette into 2 smaller pieces. The "quick insert one"
(originally the small one) and the "enhanced" (originally the expanded
widget one). When is user requesting Insert Glyph, only the Quick Palette is
opened only. The Enhanced is constructed (not cached) only on demand (button

Pros: scribus start is reduced by seconds; some docs changes are faster now;
both palettes are behaving correctly as there are no widget juggling
(show/resize/hide/try-to-resize) with ugly results.

Cons: Enhanced palette requires some time to be fully functional.

And now to the main idea:

What about to split the Style Palette into 2 palettes too? I'm quite
unsatisfied with its automagical resizing etc.


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