[scribus-dev] plugin for svn

Petr Vanek petr at scribus.info
Fri Oct 3 08:14:26 CEST 2008

hi all,

> > Quick question: Does a plug-in exist for subversion on scribus?
> For this and your other question - you haven't indicated what such plugins

> would do. Basically the answer is no, however without the info on what 
> svn/https/p2p would do, its a bi hard to judge the merit or need.

I agree with Craig.

Ed, If you're talking about plain SVN plugin (checkout/commit current doc
etc.) I'd like to use standalone external client for it. You know,
maintaining this stuff is hard work and there are lots of available and
functional tools for it. Take care about growing dependencies and
compilation time of Scribsus too ;)

Anyway, my ming can be changed upside down when you come with The Brilliant
Idea (TM). Or if you will maintain this sw yourself of course ;)


P.S.: btw if you didn't noticed it - kdesvn for kde4 (including Qt4 based
svnlib binding - a hot candidate for that discussed plugin) has been

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