[scribus-dev] Editable Master Pages

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Jul 31 15:27:13 CEST 2008

I've gone over the proposal from Christoph, and have to say I find it a 
bit more complex than I can understand.
Meanwhile, here is a message I received from Terry Green:

Hi Greg
Thanks for the advice, will try and work round the problems with extra 
master pages etc, one thing with the way they work in Indesign is I 
could put all the text boxes I needed on the Master page and set the 
different styles for each text box ie; Font Style,Size,Color,Fill color 
etc, then when I enter text into it on any page based on that master the 
styles and formatting and everything else with that text box or Image 
box stays the same, maybe Scribus in the future may have these features, 
it sure saves a lot of time.


I don't know that changing Master Pages to meet his "needs" is a very 
good answer. It sounds to me that what he really might want to use is a 
Template, or actually just a template page. Maybe this could be in some 
way linked to a Master Page, but I think that it needs to be a separate 

As I look at, I see that you can't insert a page from a 
Template - at least I couldn't seem to make it work when I tried to 
import a page from one. Furthermore, there would need to be some 
facilitated way to find templates from the Import Page dialog - I found 
it because I knew where to look.

I think this may be only a slight modification of current capabilities, 
and therefore not so much of a coding challenge.


* This of course brings up possibilities of other kinds of external 
linking from Master Pages that might serve other purposes - even though 
a Master Page cannot be (easily) edited, something that links to it 
might be.

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