[scribus-dev] Supporting Bengali Complex text layout In scribus

Pierre Marchand pierremarc at oep-h.com
Mon Jul 7 10:44:45 CEST 2008

Vous (Animesh Das) avez écrit :
> Hi,
>     I'm new to this list, and a newbie to DTP in general and Scribus in
> particular.Particularly when i am trying to write Bengali in text
> frame,Bengali compound words (CTL) are not displayed properly. I don't
> know what is the exact reason. Is it a rendering problem? If i want to
> do work on Bengali rendering portion of Scribus,then what i have to do ?
> Please suggest.

Hi Animesh, as of now indic scripts are not supported by Scribus. The issue is 
known and work has began to improve in this area. my view on this is the 
following: first get a proper support of OpenType fonts with features driven 
by users, then writing something like a proxy (factory?) to access shapers to 
allow quick integration of various options. Because if the long term targeted 
shapers collection is Harfbuzz, it’s not released now and it’s hard to guess 
when it will be. So, in the meantime, from what I’ve tested with Fontmatrix I 
would come with the conclusion that a)it’s possible to work on our own shaper 
engine with data parts highly configurable by users (I like this idea but I 
know it might be suboptimal) b)the quickiest way to have reasonnably good and 
stable shaping into Scribus is to use ICU. So, considering all these options, 
I like the idea of allowing fast switching from a shaper engine to another.

Oh, and there is a branch where we’ll experiment about this stuff (I’ve been 
trapped into styles at some point but I will soon come back to this job!):

svn co svn://scribus.info/Scribus/branches/ScribusOTF ScribusOTF

Basically, once I’ll have merged my previous patch and the work I’ve done for 
fontmatrix into scribus scheme and code style, people with knowledge in 
East-Asian languages will be very welcome to check quality and give advices.

Pierre Marchand

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