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Author: craig
Date: Thu Jan 13 07:33:18 2022
New Revision: 24806

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Preliminary changelog update


Modified: trunk/Scribus/ChangeLog
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--- trunk/Scribus/ChangeLog	(original)
+++ trunk/Scribus/ChangeLog	Thu Jan 13 07:33:18 2022
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 Scribus - 1.5.8 (Released 2022-01-xx)
+0016717: [Import / Export] Poppler upgrade breaks build (cbradney)
+0016426: [Usability] Can not manage colors and fills (cbradney)
+0016705: [User Interface] Colors and Fill dialog: color sets cannot be selected (cbradney)
+0016692: [Usability] add a5 and a3 (and a6) to the default page sizes (cbradney)
+0016697: [General] Crash on startup (jghali)
+0016674: [Scripter] Add getDocInfo() function to Scripter (cbradney)
+0016680: [Story Editor / Text Frames] End of search string displays %1 (cbradney)
+0016693: [General] Document Setup dialog does not open while RAM usage keeps increasing (jghali)
+0016685: [Import / Export] Layers not preserved in exported PDF/X-4 files (jghali)
+0016640: [Build System] ScZipHandler does not get linked into the executable (jghali)
+0016645: [PDF] Text using alternate-form glyphs cannot be copied from PDF (jghali)
+0016653: [Translation] Translation to Norwegian nynorsk (nn) (jghali)
+0016656: [Import / Export] Crash when importing pdf with the option as text. (jghali)
+0016660: [Build System] Fails to compile in gitlab CI (jghali)
+0009238: [Scripter] scripter: missing getLineSpacingMode() (cbradney)
+0016662: [Scripter] Fix 'Testing equality to None' warning reported by LGTM (jghali)
+0016664: [Import / Export] crash at markdown import (jghali)
+0015130: [Build System] Fix FindLIBPODOFO.cmake (cbradney)
+0016668: [OS-MacOSX] LGTM: fix syntax error missing closing parenthesis in OSX-package/linktools/mkappbundle.py (cbradney)
+0016676: [Printing] Incorrect output when printing linked EPS after Multiple duplicate (jghali)
+0014127: [Graphics / Image Frames] Inline image cannot be copy'n'pasted
+0013132: [Graphics / Image Frames] 16bit CMYK tiff image does not show correctly in scribus (and doesn't report why) (jghali)
+0002924: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Search and replace: give feedback about how many occurences were found/replaced (cbradney)
+0010874: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Do not deselect current item on escaping link/unlink tool. (cbradney)
+0003489: [Import / Export] Page import changes page size (cbradney)
+0016555: [Import / Export] Color-indexed PNG is not exported correctly to PDF for Printer (jghali)
+0002733: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes when formatting large amounts of text In Story Editor (cbradney)
+0016567: [Import / Export] Import PDF as text should create 1-column text frames (jghali)
+0016579: [PDF] Tab order for PDF radio buttons does not respect Level in Outline order (jghali)
+0016585: [User Interface] Sidebars arrows don't follow system dark theme (jghali)
+0015819: [Translation] Plural form needed in new string (cbradney)
+0016587: [User Interface] Icons are badly aligned with titles in Preferences window (jghali)
+0016588: [User Interface] Color inconsistent with dark theme in marks manager (jghali)
+0016589: [Translation] Pull Spanish updates from Weblate (cbradney)
+0016591: [General] Typo fixes in source documentation and comments (jghali)
+0016592: [Translation] Translation to Norwegian nynorsk (nn) (jghali)
+0016593: [Build System] Plugin load fails with undefined symbols (for all plugins) (jghali)
+0016594: [Build System] issues with the encoding in AppImage-package/bundle.sh (ale)
+0016600: [General] Typo fixes in source documentation and comments (jghali)
+0016604: [General] Slow name checks in item creation (jghali)
+0016605: [3rd Party] Compilation Error in lib2geom/path.h (jghali)
+0016607: [Import / Export] Show progress when importing pdf (jghali)
+0016614: [Build System] EXE Linker flags incorrect for clang (jghali)
+0016616: [Internal] Refactor and modernize pdfimport (jghali)
+0016617: [Build System] Simplify CMake (cbradney)
+0016619: [User Interface] File selection dialog box always reverts to small size (jghali)
+0016621: [General] Typo fixes in source code + source comments (jghali)
+0016623: [OS-MacOSX] Scribus crashes when importing IDML file (jghali)
+0015858: [General] use https for the links in about > online dialog (cbradney)
+0015859: [General] use https for the resources manager (cbradney)
+0016635: [Fonts] Harfbuzz 3.0 breaks compilation (jghali)
+0016636: [General] Userdefined Keyboard Shortcuts not working correctly (cbradney)
+0016637: [Internal] Building with LTO causes segfaults on startup (jghali)
 Scribus - 1.5.7 (Released 2021-04-25)

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