r21449 by craig -

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Sun Sep 18 16:24:04 UTC 2016

Author: craig
Date: Sun Sep 18 16:24:04 2016
New Revision: 21449

URL: http://scribus.net/websvn/listing.php?repname=Scribus&sc=1&rev=21449
Bring in some non intrusive changes from CTL


Modified: trunk/Scribus/scribus/numeration.h
URL: http://scribus.net/websvn/diff.php?repname=Scribus&rev=21449&path=/trunk/Scribus/scribus/numeration.h
--- trunk/Scribus/scribus/numeration.h	(original)
+++ trunk/Scribus/scribus/numeration.h	Sun Sep 18 16:24:04 2016
@@ -61,8 +61,6 @@
 //convert passed num to string with custom chars
 QString getAsterixStringFromNum(int num, QString asterix, QChar leadingChar='_', int charsLen=0);
 //return numeration name from type
-QString getFormatName(int format);
-QStringList getFormatList();
 QStringList getFormatListTr();
 #endif // NUMERATION_H

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