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Sun Jan 1 00:11:59 UTC 2012

Author: mrdocs
Date: Sun Jan  1 00:11:59 2012
New Revision: 17159

URL: http://scribus.net/websvn/listing.php?repname=Scribus&sc=1&rev=17159
=test commit


Modified: branches/Version135/Scribus/PACKAGING
URL: http://scribus.net/websvn/diff.php?repname=Scribus&rev=17159&path=/branches/Version135/Scribus/PACKAGING
--- branches/Version135/Scribus/PACKAGING (original)
+++ branches/Version135/Scribus/PACKAGING Sun Jan  1 00:11:59 2012
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
 gpg --verify ./tarball.sig ./tarball.tar.bz2
-While we also note md5sums and sha1sums, gpg --verify are more secure and reliable.
+While we also note md5sums and sha1sums, gpg --verify is more secure and reliable.
 * The font sampler script, requires tkinter to run properly and optionally 
 python-imaging to enable print previews. Please consider adding these as 
@@ -86,4 +86,4 @@
 For the Scribus Team,
 Peter Linnell
-in December 2010
+in December 2011

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