r14853 by mrdocs - update with actual requirements and add hint in the README about the BUILDING file

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Revision: 14853
Author: mrdocs
Date: 2010-03-04T21:47:53.503967Z
Commit message: update with actual requirements and add hint in the README about the BUILDING file

M  /branches/Version135/Scribus/PACKAGING
M  /branches/Version135/Scribus/BUILDING
M  /branches/Version135/Scribus/README

--- PACKAGING	(revision 14852)
+++ PACKAGING	(revision 14853)
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
 gpg --verify ./tarball.sig ./tarball.tar.bz2
-While we also note md5sums and shasums, gpg --verify are more secure and reliable.
+While we also note md5sums and sha1sums, gpg --verify are more secure and reliable.
 * The font sampler script, requires tkinter to run properly and optionally 
 python-imaging to enable print previews. Please consider adding these as 
--- README	(revision 14852)
+++ README	(revision 14853)
@@ -7,7 +7,12 @@
 If you think you have found a bug in 1.3.6, you can use the Scribus bugtracker (http://bugs.scribus.net) to make us aware of it. Please make sure that the bug hasn't been reported earlier. The bugtracker's search feature can help you to check for issues that have already been submitted.
+Compiling from Source
+The Scribus Team endevours to provide pre-built packages for most recent major Linux distributions including Debian, Fedora, Mandriva and openSUSE, along with builds for Windows and OSX. If you need to compile from source please read the BUILDING file in the sources, as it has detailed requirements and hints.
 Web Resources:
--- BUILDING	(revision 14852)
+++ BUILDING	(revision 14853)
@@ -34,11 +34,10 @@
 	LittleCMS (liblcms) = 1.12 (1.15+ recommended)
 	libjpeg (depending on how Qt is packaged)
 	Fontconfig >= 2.0
 	LibXML2 >= 2.6.0
 	GhostScript >= 8.0 (8.6+ or greater preferred)
 	Python >= 2.3
 	tkinter for the font sampler script
@@ -96,11 +95,10 @@
-Qt 4.4 is now the *minimum*. Older versions of Qt are *not* supported. 
+Qt 4.5 is now the *minimum*. Older versions of Qt are *not* supported. 
 If you build Qt from sources, the recommended ./configure/cmake switches are the
  same as used by KDE. Use of other switches aside from those used by distro
-packages can make trouble shooting
-issues very difficult at times.
+packages can make trouble shooting issues very difficult at times.
 See: http://developer.kde.orgb/uild/compile_kde3_3.html
 Scribus requires Freetype. If you are compiling from source, you will need to
@@ -222,10 +220,10 @@
 	qt4-devel (Required)
 	freetype-devel (Required)
 	cairo-devel (Required)
-	fontconfig-devel
-	cups-devel
+	fontconfig-devel (Required)
+	cups-devel (Required)
-	libxml2-devel
+	libxml2-devel (Required)
 	lcms-devel (Required)
@@ -246,10 +244,10 @@
 	fontconfig-devel (required)
 	liblcms-devel (required)
 	libtiff-devel (required)
-	libxml2-devel
-	libpng-devel
-	libjpeg-devel
-	cups-devel
+	libxml2-devel (required)
+	libpng-devel (required)
+	libjpeg-devel (required)
+	cups-devel (required)
 	openssl-devel (required if CUPS support is needed) 
@@ -259,7 +257,7 @@
 You can install these packages using YaST. You may find it difficult to compile
-Scribus 1.3.5+ on anything older than Suse 10.3. 
+Scribus 1.3.5+ on anything older than Suse 11.0. 
 Please note we do provide frequently updated packages including debuginfo rpms
 on the Suse Build Server. at http//software.opensuse.org .
@@ -267,7 +265,8 @@
 Mac OS X
-No detailed build instructions yet. Please see the README for info on MacOS/X.
+There is a separate document for building on OSX. The Scribus build system
+can create native dmg installers for OSX..
 Microsoft Windows

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